Financial Instrument Valuation & Sensitivity Analysis

“How can you best utilize your existing wealth?”

As your business expands, the proper use of financial instruments is the best way to meet investment, financing and risk management needs.

Due to the increasing role of financial instruments and their significant impact on the value of a corporation, mark-to-market valuation of complex financial instruments is required to match current accounting standards.

Leveraging a team of experts adept at applying sophisticated financial models,our group provides solutions for equity or debt-related instruments and derivatives, including:

  • Contingent liabilities arising from financial guarantees
  • Convertible bonds/notes
  • Currency options/swaps
  • Executive/employee share options
  • Futures options
  • Pre-IPO convertible bonds/notes
  • Pre-IPO share options
  • Preferred shares
  • Restricted shares
  • Warrants
  • Accumulator/Decumulator
  • Equity-linked products / Bond-linked notes
  • Compliance checking before IPO

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