Market Express

房地產市場快訊 Vol.273
HK Topic: The Predicament of WKCD Authority
PRC Topic: Shanghai Office Market: High Vacancy Rate and Downshift of Rental Level
Market Express Vol. 272
HK Topic: Streamline the Arrangement of Extension of Land Leases: for the Government, for the Public
PRC Topic: Review of Second Anniversary of Shenzhen Second Hand Properties’ Reference Prices
Market Express Vol. 271
HK Topic : Live Green
PRC Topic : The First Launch of Daily Consumption & Fundamental Infrastructure REITs in China
Market Express Vol. 270
HK Topic : ESG and the Green Office Towers
PRC Topic : Regulation on Real Esate Sale Advertisment First Launched in Zhuhai
Market Express Vol. 269
HK Topic : Podium Arcades at Residential Estates Became New Favourite of the Market
PRC Topic : Share-Ownership Residential Dwellings are Proposed for Launching: Shenzhen
Market Express Vol. 268
HK Topic : Only an Outstanding Talent Can Recognize Current Trends
PRC Topic : Canton Tower Plaza: Guangzhou New Landmark Expected to Open in 2024
Market Express Vol. 267
HK Topic : Large Sum Transactions Volume Surged by 70% with HK-Mainland Border Reopens
PRC Topic : The First Listing of Storage & Logistical Mutual REIT in China
Market Express Vol. 266
HK Topic : 2023, Brisk Like a Rabbit
PRC Topic : Shenzhen: The Dismal of Second-Hand Residential Market Aspires to End along with the Positive Prospects of Pandemic
Market Express Vol. 265
HK Topic : Highlights of HK’s Property Market in 2022
PRC Topic : Second-Hand Housing Guidance Prices Exist only in Name in 13 Cities Embracing Tier 1 Metropolitans like Beijing and Guangzhou
Market Express Vol. 264
HK Topic : Tsim Sha Tsui Canton Road: Shop Rental Market Activities Remain Stable, Rental Continues to Fall
PRC Topic : Shenzhen Guangming Announces a New Urban Regeneration
Market Express Vol. 263
HK Topic : Foresight of the Proposed Amendment of Application Threshold for a Compulsory Sale
PRC Topic : Another Developer Authorized by the Government to Operate the Elderly Care Business
Market Express Vol. 262
HK Topic : From Kowloon East, We Glance at the Hong Kong’s Planning Vision (Part 2)
PRC Topic : Shenzhen Completes the First Second-Hand Housing Transaction with Mortgage-Free Property Transfer, No Need to Repay Loan in Advance
Market Express Vol. 261
HK Topic : From Kowloon East, We Glance at the Hong Kong’s Planning Vision (Part 1)
PRC Topic : Huizhou: The Minimum Down Payment Ratio for Commercial Personal Housing Loans Reduced to 20%
Market Express Vol. 260
HK Topic : Urban’s Aged Buildings Continues to be the Treasure of Consortium
PRC Topic : Dalian Cultural Tourism Development Group Officially Unveiled to Integrate Cultural Tourism Resources
Market Express Vol. 259
HK Topic: New Way Out for the Hotels in the Epidemic Era
PRC Topic: Foshan Property Market Purchase Restrictions Lifted, Guangzhou Buyers Take Action Immediately
Market Express Vol 258
HK Topic: Compensation Arrangements under Land Resumption and Clearance Projects of the Government to be Enhanced
PRC Topic: Mortgage Rates Cut and Approvals Speed Up in Many Cities
Market Express Vol. 257
HK Topic: Standard Land Premium Rates Arrangement for Lease Modifications Extended to New Development Areas
PRC Topic: 55 Cities Personal Housing Rental Gradually Returns Back to Rationality
Market Express Vol 256
HK Topic: “Lands Resumption Ordinance” to be Modified
PRC Topic: Tourism Green Book: China has Become the World's Most Important Theme Park Market
Market Express Vol 255
HK Topic: A Roaring Year of Tiger
PRC Topic: Down Payment Ratio Reduced In More Places, The Real Estate "Rescue Trend" Has Begun?
Market Express Vol 254
HK Topic: Subdivided Unit Rent Control Set, Better than Nothing
PRC Topic: The End of the Centralized Land Supply in 2021: Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou Win the Top Three
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