Market Express

Market Express Vol. 203
Hong Kong Topic : The Impact of "Starter Homes" to the Property Market
PRC Topic: Pension Real Estate - New Power of China
Market Express Vol. 202
Hong Kong Topic : Effect of Community Housing Movement, Let's Wait-and-see
PRC Topic : A "Frozen" Age has Come to the Regulated PRC Property Market
Market Express Vol.201
Hong Kong Topic : Co-Housing by the Government, Going Out from Plight
PRC Topic : China Launched Various New Schemes for Land Sale The Highest Price Bidder May No Longer Be the Absolute Winner
Market Express Vol.200
Hong Kong Topic : SAR Government, a New Power to the Sub-Divided Units
PRC Topic: Favoured Policies for The PRC residential rental market
Market Express Vol.199
Hong Kong Topic : Review on the Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance
PRC Topic: Shanghai Ceased the Approval of Quasi-Residential Properties
Market Express Vol.198
Hong Kong Topic : Small means Big
PRC Topic: The restriction on sales or become the trump card in market regulation
Market Express Vol.197
Hong Kong Topic: Avoid extreme "By the Father"
PRC Topic : Analysis on the National-level New Districts of China (1)
Market Express Vol.196
Hong Kong Topic : Network Reshaping
PRC Topic : Land Market in Second and Third-tier Cities Become Popular
Market Express Vol.195
Hong Kong Topic: Scientific analysis of revised "Well-off Tenants Policies"
PRC Topic : Further Suppressive Policies Issued For Local Property Market in Shenzhen
Market Express Vol.194
Hong Kong Topic : Land Sourcing
PRC Topic: China's Real Estate Market in 2016 Stably Transited, Residential Stock Market may See Further Opportunity
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