Facilitation and Consultancy Services for Special Schemes

Industrial Buildings
To help owners or tenants of the unit(s) within a multi-owned industrial building ensure that their usage of workshop / godown unit(s) for other purposes are permitted under the law and in compliance with the land lease, we proudly offer the following professional services:

  • Professional consultation, to see if the proposed use(s) of a unitis /are legal and in compliance with the land lease,
  • Coordination with other professionals to submit relevant plans to the government illustrating any changes in layout and facilities arising from the proposed uses for approval
  • Submitting an application to the Town Planning Board
  • Submitting a "Temporary Waiver" or "No Objection Letter" application to the Lands Department

Our specialized property team assist clients with professional consultation for HKSTP. Apart from this, we also have a well-established track record in facilitating the entry of food manufacturers, precious metal recycling corporations, plastic materials manufacturers and other organisations into industrial estates in the Tai Po, Yuen Long, and Tseung Kwan O area. Our services span:

  • Re-development, alternation and extension
  • Compliance and renovation
  • Valuation for accounting purposes & surrender value assessment.

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