Calvin C. K. Pang - Associate Director

BSc, MSc

Mr. Pang is familiar with different kinds of professional valuation works for various types of properties in Hong Kong.  He has experience in Hong Kong property valuations and land development appraisals for disposal, mortgage,litigation, internal reference, immigration, taxation purposes for various clients including banks, solicitors, accountants, listed companies and etc. 

Mr. Pang is now engaged in the Real Estate Solution & Surveying Practice Department.  He is responsible for undertaking the assignments on real estate consultancy and valuation services and other land administration cases and land development projects, valuation and acquisition of different types of properties in Hong Kong.

Highlighted projects:

  1. Rental valuation for staff quarters across the city of public organization;
  2. Assessment on the unit rate of home purchase allowance for the urban renewal project
  3. Submission of Town Planning Permission and Waiver Application for the University of Hong Kong ;
  4. Application for revitalization or redevelopment of industrial buildings and matters on premium;
  5. Valuation for the market value and redevelopment value of different private properties/ buildings ; and
  6. Publication of RHL’s “Property Market Express”.

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