Market Express

Market Express Vol.240
HK Topic: Rebound and Recovery
PRC Topic: Policy Pushes Demand: The Ideal Homes for Two-Child Families
Market Express Vol.239
HK Topic: Entry or Exit are both difficult
PRC Topic: Mainland Property Market Ushered in a Golden September, Divisions Intensified Between Cities
Market Express Vol.238
HK Topic: Residential Property Price: Relatively Stable yet Downward Trend is Clear
PRC Topic: 300 Cities’ Land Market in August: Overall Supply and Demand Decreased M-on-M; Average Price Went Up Y-on-Y
Market Express Vol.237
HK Topic: In Seek of New Opportunities in Changes
PRC Topic: National Land Market Transaction Volume and Prices Fell in July
Market Express Vol.236
HK Topic: The Discouraging July
PRC Topic: 50 Cities’ “Land Sale” Revenue Rises by 17% in the first half of 2020
Market Express Vol.235
HK Topic: Post-Pandemic Trend for HK Real Estate
PRC Topic: Land-Selling Market Starts to Pick Up in May, Market Differentiation Accelerates
Market Express Vol.234
HK Topic: Don’t Expect a Revengeful Recovery
PRC Topic: Shenzhen Plans To Build 63,000 Commercial Housing and Supply 40,000 Comfortable Housing in 2020
Market Express Vol.233
HK Topic: Things Have To Change
PRC Topic: What has the COVID-19 brought to the PRC Real Estate Market?
Market Express Vol.232
HK Topic: Property Investment under a New World War
PRC Topic: Total Rental Transaction Volume of 18 Key Cities Dropped by nearly 80% from the Previous Month
Market Express Vol.231
HK Topic: Opportunity Comes to those Well-Prepared
PRC Topic: Biggest Decline in Average Rent of Commercial Office in China Since 2009, Investors to Apply Wait-and-See Strategy
Market Express Vol.230
HK Topic: All are Relativity
PRC Topic: China’s Real Estate Market in 2019
Market Express Vol.229
HK Topic: Ray of Hope in the Dark
PRC Topic: Shenzhen Cancels the Mansion Tax in Large Scale
Market Express Vol. 228
HK Topic: When Hong Kong is no longer named as the most Safety City
PRC Topic: Hainan Province's First “Intellectual Price Contribution" Land Transaction
Market Express Vol. 227
HK Topic: Brownfield and Land Resumption
PRC Topic: Land Market Transaction Price and Volume Fell in Q3, Low Heat Expected to Continues in Q4
Market Express Vol. 226
HK Topic: Uncertainties Pose both Risks and Opportunities
PRC Topic: China’s Leasing Market Enters Into Off-peak Season Residential Rent Level of 20 Major Cities Continues to Fall
Market Express Vol.225
HK Topic: Will Property Price Collapse?
PRC Topic: Shenzhen has built more than 500,000 sets of affordable housing and talent rooms
Market Express Vol.224
HK Topic : Early Summer Vacation?
PRC Topic: Vacancy Rate Of Office Buildings In First-Tier Cities Rises
Market Express Vol.223
HK Topic : A Brighter July?
PRC Topic: China’s Land Market Continues to be Active, Land Income in 50 Cities Increased by 13.2% Y-O-Y
Market Express Vol.222
HK Topic : The Boy Who Cried Wolf?
PRC Topic: Residential Price Index of CAAD(April 2019) & Commercial Property Index of CAAD(April 2019)
Market Express Vol.221
HK Topic : Talk of the Town on Land Policies
PRC Topic: Three minutes to understand the latest industrial land policy in Guangzhou
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