Coordinate owners, including a state-owned enterprise, to apply for rezoning of a brownfield area of over 200,000 square feet and to lobby with local government to turn the proposed resumption area into developable land

To coordinate owners, including a State-owned enterprise, to formulate strategy and action plan, and to coordinate consultant team to lobby with government and to apply rezoning for a site, located at Fanling, with initial site area over 200,000 square feet, from “Recreation” to “Residential” use, with proposed plot ratio from 0.4 to 6. Parts of the concerned lots are subject to future resumption for the construction of the Fanling Bypass. Rather than waiting for future resumption action which may leave with useless land parcels; we conducted various economic, social and financial assessments to identify possible development options and to formulate strategy to reveal the development potential of the site.

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