Sr Ivan S. P. Lui - Senior Associate Director

MHKIS, RPS(GP),  MSc, BSc(Hon)

Sr Ivan Lui is a professional surveyor with over 20-year’slocal & overseas experience in property valuation, feasibility studies, development control, asset management and financial risk mitigations.

Sr Ivan has also demonstrated tactful exposures in asset enhancement for high& best uses through redevelopment, facilities upgrade & maintenances and other re-engineering measures. He is familiar with property development tasks and interdepartmental projects including valuation, planning and building engineering with the details as listed:-

  • Property acquisition assessment services under Cap.545 Assessment of Renovation Loan Grant Schemes (i.e. BMGS / OBB) for Hong Kong Housing Society and URA;
  • Plan Submissions and A&A Works;
  • Tendering, project supervision, contract administration, condition surveys, workmanship inspection,fire safety improvement scheme under Caps 502 & 572 and etc.

Sr Ivan Lui is now a Senior Associate Director at the RHL International Group.  He is now engaged in the Real Estate Solution & Surveying Practice Department. He is responsible project development on real estate consultancy and valuation services in Hong Kong.

Contact Information
T: +852 3408 3329

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